Open Reconstruction

Open Reconstruction

The reassembling or re-forming of something from constituent parts.

  1. Surgical restoration of function of a body part, such as with a bypass or plastic surgery.
  2. Aortic reconstruction restoration of function to a damaged aorta, as by bypass.


The computerized synthesis of one or more two-dimensional images from a series of x-ray projections in computed tomography, or from a large number of measurements in magnetic resonance imaging, several methods are used. the earliest was back-projection, and the most common is two-dimensional Fourier transformation.

Tendon harvest

The whole upper limb is prepared in the usual manner. The tendon of palmaris longus is harvested via conventional methods and placed in saline. In those lacking palmaris longus, we use half the tendon of flexor carpi radialis. The wounds can then be closed and dressed.

Joint reconstruction

A transverse incision is made over the AC joint. The capsule is opened longitudinally and the dislocation inspected. An excision of the distal clavicle of approximately 7 mm is performed and the acromion roughened up.

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