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What is Prostate Surgery?

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The prostate is a gland located underneath the bladder, in front of the rectum. It is an important part of the male reproductive system that produces fluids that carry sperm.

When only a small part of the prostate is removed, this is known as a simple prostatectomy. This includes enucleating it from its capsule to trim away excess tissue, but where the sphincter muscle and nerves remain intact. It is usually used to treat BPH, which is a benign condition, meaning there is no risk of malignant cells having moved on to surrounding tissue.

When the entire prostate gland, capsule (or covering), the surrounding lymph nodes and neighboring tissue is removed, this is called a radical prostatectomy. This is usually a treatment for men with localized prostate cancer.

Most common Types of Prostate Surgery –

  1. Surgery– This is where the prostate is removed via a large single incision in the lower abdomen, or the perineum (the spot between the anus and the testicles).
  2. Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy– This is where the prostate is removed via several small incisions in the lower abdomen using small surgical instruments. This process is much less invasive than open surgery.

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